Luxury Gold – India

Luxury Gold: ‘We invite you to indulge your passions on an immersive, small group journey, offering the perfect blend of guided and independent exploration. Allow us to share our unparalleled wealth of expertise accumulated over the past century as a family business, now celebrating its 100th anniversary. A world of immersive journeys awaits you, each with VIP experiences, exceptional dining, elegant hotels and a Travelling Concierge who’s there to tailor everything to your desires.’

By reading the above you will understand that Luxury Gold is a high end travel brand looking to show quality in anything they do. To be able to shoot a brand film for them in India is a real treat. If you have ever been to India you will know that it’s full of vibrant colours to keep your visual (amongst other) senses on overdrive. We shot across the state of Rajasthan in Northern India, which includes the capital city of New Delhi. With around 26 Million people in the NCR (National Capital Region) and around 16 Million in New Delhi you can imagine it’s a place prone to sensory overload especially coming from Scotland (5.5Million total) not to mention the heat and smells! Luckily for me I had Alex Treadway with me who has plenty of experience shooting around Asia and knows Rajasthan like the back of his hand.

Going with the flow was the name of the game for this one. Succumbing to your environment and absorbing the manic streets, noises, overpowering smells and 40+ degree heats. This all added to the feel of how it was shot and the overall look of the short piece. I left India looking forward to the cool, clean air of Scotland but soon after I found myself thinking back to the trip and wanting more. (And that is how the Nepal trip was born).