Lets Be Nomads – Norway

This is the kind of shoot you dream of… Last April I travelled with Andrew Duthie (Whitelines Editor at the time) and Enni Rukajärvi (Professional Snowboarder – X Games/Olympics Medallist) to the north of Norway for some splitboarding with the amazing people at Let’s Be Nomads.

Let’s Be Nomads : ‘A trip on The Nomads Bus is never the same and life on the road is good, really good. Because our hostel is literally on wheels, we can spend the night on beautiful locations where no other hostels can be found.’

The brief was small…Head to Norway and and capture what it’s like spending a week on the bus, use it to travel to different lines accessed by split boards and basically have a good time. Sign me up!

Words from Andrew Duthie:

“The story of the Nomads bus begins in 2014, when Belgian couple Tim Boffe and Valerie Cook crowdfunded €20,000 to convert a classic American yellow school bus into a “hostel on wheels” – one that would be fully kitted out for winters in the mountains, free to head for wherever the snow and weather were best. The project caught fire, the target was reached, and after a long conversion job the Nomads Bus (affectionately known as ‘Jumbo George’) was good to go.

Before long they’d settled into a nice rhythm: Val does the lion’s share of the cooking, while Tim drives the bus and, in his capacity as a fully certified mountain guide, leads the guests on the mountain. Peak winter is spent travelling around the Tyrol Valley, before driving north to the Lyngen Alps for spring splitboarding. After a stellar Austrian season, things in Norway have been at relatively low tide, but luck is with us by the time our crew (rounded out by videographer Will Nangle) assembles in the Arctic Circle. The snow has finally arrived, and so has the welcome wagon – all 40-odd feet of it…”

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More of the same please!!