E-Bike World Tour 2021

Collaborating with the talented team behind the E-Bike World Tour was an amazing experience on a unique and fun project like this. The riding and scenery was mind blowing!

At every stop of the Tour, the best e-mountain bikers in the world will battle it out on a legendary
multi-day e-race; with the champions being crowned in final race of the Tour, the E-Tour du Mont-Blanc (ETMB).
E-mountain bikes meet their ultimate purpose when they allow you to ride trails that no other bike can. The original concept of the E-Tour du Mont-Blanc (ETMB) was born from that idea; riding hidden trails that no chair lift can take you to, the trails that cannot be reached without mechanical assistance. The trails that can only be connected through the combination of a very skilled rider and an e-bike.

The E-Bike World Tour was inspired by the same idea. Taking the same spirit of adventure to other destinations around the world. In 2021 we’re visiting, Tignes & Val d’Isère high up in the French Alps and returning to Verbier for the E-Tour du Mont-Blanc.

Riders race in teams of 2 (this might change) and by invitation only. The race is split into long-timed stages over 2-3 days with tech zones where battery exchange is available. This creates a unique format in e-mountain biking. A 3-day race will likely cover around 250km of single trails, in a mix of lush forests and high alpine scenery. To spice it up, a bit of portage here and there can be expected.

Battery management is kept to a minimum, but it will play a part in each teams’ strategy. Riders are self-supported during the day, followed only by the safety/rescue teams and a significant number of video-makers and photographers who will document every moment of the big adventure.

Feature Image: Kifcat